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As a small Barber shop, my personal and professional income is based solely upon the Barber services provided to you, my clients. I do my best to provide excellent service and consistency every time and doing so I expect the same in return. I ask when making an appointment that you do your best to keep that appointment. While I understand that circumstances may arise that will require a possible cancellation or rescheduling of an appointment, the following policies are in place to ensure that I can accommodate all of our valued clients as efficiently and effective as possible given the limited amount of available appointments per week.


Cancellations/Late Appointments 

At least a 12-hour advanced notice is required for any appointment cancellations. The online booking service will allow you to cancel your appointment as necessary. Failure to notify me in advance will result in a NO-SHOW! If you fail to notify or cancel your appointment through the online booking , you will be charged 60% of your scheduled services. This fee must be paid before any future appointments are rescheduled. If it continues to happen you will lose your online privilege of booking an appointment and become strictly walk-in, if a spot is available. There will be no guarantee. These policies will be enforced due to high volume of Clientele. Late appointments will only be given 10 minutes after their scheduled time to show, after the 10 minutes is up you will be marked as a No-Show. This is to make sure to not inconvenient others who have scheduled an appointment and who are on time! I will have the right to refuse services at any given time for any situation! 

I ask that you please reschedule or cancel at least 12 hours before the beginning of your appointment or you may be charged a cancellation fee of 60% the price of your scheduled appointment. Please note that all cancellations MUST be made 12 hours PRIOR to your scheduled appointment.

Reschedule or cancel

I have assigned the necessary time to complete each service. The client must be present at the scheduled services (s)  to be able to guarantee the adequate time necessary to complete his service comfortably. Unfortunately, I cannot succefully complete any service if a client arrive 10 minutes late,  I have reserved the right to refuse service to the client who show up 10 minutes late to their appointment . It will be automatically cancelled to avoid conflicts with all upcoming appointments and you will be responsible to pay a fee which amounts to 60% of the scheduled service due to the lost time.

Late Arrival

Failure to completely show up for a scheduled appointment without canceling it online, or without first contacting me by way of telephone, text or email, will cause a client to lose their online scheduling privileges and the client will be charged for the full price of the missed service. Furthermore, I reserve the right to refuse future services to any clients for failure to show up for an appointment without the courtesy of an advanced cancellation or notification.




All services must be pay in cash at the barbershop
Your will receive a notification of your scheduled appointment  through the app Spaces By Wix  and the email address. 


An  invoice will be send  to your email for payments if you don't cancel or show up for your appointment , you  have 6 days to make the payment, failure to do so will restrict you from making future appointments.


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