What to expect when you arrive

Actualizado: 25 de jul de 2020

-Face Masks Required upon entry,

if you do not have 

one we can provide you with a

disposable mask.

-Temperature will be checked upon

entry via non 

contact digital infrared thermometer

-Waiting area will be closed off, clients can wait 

outside or inside their vehicles

price update Due to new mandatory expenses and necessary limitations we have adjusted our prices accordingly. Our Menu will be simplified to achieve a more straightforward and efficient experience

HRSC Health and Safety Precautions

Allocated time will be added between appointments for cleaning and disinfecting all workstation surfaces, tools and linens. I'm using alcohol wipes recommended by the CDC to wipe down my gear before and after all services along with using professional barber cleaning sprays (barbicide) and lysol on all tools. Disinfectants being used are EPA List N registered and labeled as bactericidal, virucidal, and fungicidal.

I'To provide the best services for client's health, each haircut routine will use a clean barber's cape for client's security.

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