Late Cancellations

& No-shows


 If cancellation isnt aquired in the allowed time there is a 50% service fee that is calculated from the services that you requested. You have the option to pay this fee on the app or it will charged on your next visit. If you do not show up completely for a scheduled appointment without canceling it online, or without contacting me by phone, text message or email, on your next reservation the customer will have to pay for the service and cancellation fee at the time you book your next appointment or the appointment will not be accepted. 



 The cancellation fee is only charged if you violate the terms of the cancellation policy. If you show up to the appointment on time or cancel before the deadline listed on your confirmation page, no cancellation fee is withdrawn.  Feel free to contact me for further details.

Booking policy

Orlando the Barber enforces a cancellation policy on all services and reserves the right to Charge a 50% service cancellation fee for any no-shows and late cancellations. Note that you are considered a no-show if you are late for your scheduled appointment.

Reservations are subject to cancellation or rescheduling in accordance with the booking policy. Clients may cancel the booking up to 8 hours before the due time. Clients may reschedule the booking up to 12 hours before the due time.  



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